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NYE concierge helpAt New Year's Eve our passion is to provide information on the best events and to provide ideas on what to do for the biggest party of the year. New Year's Eve is about getting together with friends and making plans and then hoping like there is no tomorrow that it all goes well. Whether you are at home, heading to a hot venue or the free fireworks displays it always helps to get some tips from our NYE Concierge.

And we know that once you involve a group in planning, the number of event options increase aswell as the other options of accommodation and transport. So we try can assist with our NYE Concierge who helps providing tips and ideas.

NYE conciergeTo assist with your NYE event planning our concierge has some tips, ideas, thoughts on some of the best events and parties. When you see this NYE Concierge silhouette it will provide a link to some notes our Concierge has made. Make sure you click thru and check out what the NYE Concierge has to say.

We hope you like our NYE Concierge ideas and may your New Year's Eve be the best one yet!

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Our NYE concierge crew got invited to Marrakech to have a peek at what all the fuss is about. Cocktails and Shisha pipes are the specialty as well as good times. It was easy to tell from the vibe that a Marrakech New Year’s Eve will be memorable. Our crew were invited to try some of the super delicious looking cocktails made by the friendly staff, energetic in their mixing and cocktail knowledge. Ably lead by Shaun we had a Princess Aloe and a Long Island Ice Tea. Very hands on and then it was time to relax in the comfy area to the tune of a fruit Berry/Orange Shisha pipe.

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Waterslide Bar

Some of the NYE team were invited to Waterslide to get a look at the venue and preparations for NYE. The first impression is that the staff are attentive and polite. That was good as we all only get one first impression. We ventured onto the balcony and ordered a share meat plate, the charcuterie selection and some waters.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on Waterslide Bar.

Wharf One

Our NYE Concierge gets all around Australia and a recent visit to Darwin we stopped by the fabulous Wharf One restaurant. And it’s easy to see how the Wharf One New Year’s Eve experience will be a highlight of the Darwin NYE nightlife.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on Wharf One.

Morning Star Estate

We popped past one lunchtime to check out all the hype about the Morning Star Estate New Year’s Eve. And if someone said have you thought about heading down to the Peninsula for New Year’s Eve? Straight away my mind is thinking of Rye and a young crowd. But no there is more to it. Morning Star on the Peninsula down on the way to Mornington which is about a 50 minute drive from Melbourne.

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The Wharf Hotel

The Wharf Hotel New Year’s Eve has always been a fun fun fun event. This venue has had all manner of themes for NYE from Sailors and Beach to Summer parties. And given the watery location in summery Melbourne it makes sense to use the assets of the location in the NYE party theme. Over the years we have heard great reviews of the NYE parties at The Wharf.

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The Vines Resort

The Vines Resort is just on the outskirts of Perth in Western Australia.  It’s a big place so it’s easy to find.   Known mainly as a golf resort where major Australian Golf Tournaments have been held and many famous people have visited, it obviously consists of golf courses.  It also has super accommodation and fab hospitality and the Vines Resort New Year’s Eve functions are highly regarded.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on The Vines Resort.

Sydney Harbour Escapes

Some of our NYE Concierge team spent some time looking at the New Year’s offering of Sydney Harbour Escapes. With so many boating and “on water” options for Sydney Harbour it really can take some consideration. The advice of the team at Sydney Harbour Escapes can be invaluable. A lot can revolve around you budget and who is the audience.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on Sydney Harbour Escapes.

The Bridge Hotel

This funky pub venue is very close to the Yarra River end of Bridge Rd. Some of our NYE Concierge team dropped in for an ale and some gorgeous food to get a feel of a Bridge Hotel New Year’s Eve. Now this place is trendy. We started with a Jug of Long Island Ice Tea and then some awesome canapes types arrived of beetroot and goats cheese croquettes (this one is definitely for beetroot lovers or lovers in general).

Check out the NYE concierge tips on The Bridge Hotel.

Temperance Hotel

The NYE Team had the pleasure of enjoying a sensational Temperance Hotel New Year’s Eve a few years back. The food was fantastic and the drinks to die for. A great atmosphere inside with the DJ spinning the discs on the decks and the opportunity to also get outside to see the city fireworks. The venue is blessed with multiple areas of space connected by the high heel glass slipper staircase as a feature. Just love Temperance and for NYE even better.

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Amora Hotel Riverwalk

Some of the NYE Concierge team in Melbourne got to visit the gorgeous Amora Hotel Riverwalk in Melbourne’s Richmond right near the Yarra River. When walking off Bridge Rd and into Amora it was apparent this venue was suited for the fine diners of Melbourne.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on Amora Hotel Riverwalk.

Le Bon Ton

The NYE Concierge crew were delighted to receive a special welcome upon their arrival at Melbourne’s answer to a New Orlean’s fusion of gulf coast dining.  This awesome venue located in Collingwood was packed with Saturday evening revelers.  Once inside the crew had a peek around the indoor and outdoor areas and loved the quaint fairy lights outside providing muse sophisticated atmosphere.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on Le Bon Ton.

Pilgrim Bar

The NYE Concierge crew got an invite to checkout the details first hand of the Pilgrim Bar New Year’s Eve. So the crew went there last evening and the delight of the venue alongside the Yarra River was evident on their faces as they arrived. Fun in store and the host Toby welcomed the NYE crew in with some drinks to start. A Sangria quenched the girls thirst while they perused the menu.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on Pilgrim Bar.

Platform 28

Platform 28 is very close to the Southern Cross station and on NYE is one of the easy access options for venues. A fairly new venue in the Melbourne party landscape, Platform 28 has a superb offering with indoor and outdoor space. The Platform 28 New Year’s Eve experience will be even more enhanced by watching the Melbourne fireworks from the outdoor terrace.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on Platform 28.


Simply wow is the first impression as you step into Brisbane’s Blackbird Restaurant. The intimate dining rooms of the restaurant and bar add a level of sophistication that is only exceed when you see the views of the Brisbane River.

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Some of the NYE Team moseyed to the relaxing comforts that is the Sagra Restaurant. Sagra is actually a whole lot more than just a Restaurant.  It encompasses also a Rooftop Bar and for those wanting more they also have a foodstore where they sell some of the delightful foods and wines they have on offer in the restaurant and bar.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on Sagra.

The Terminus Hotel

The Terminus Hotel New Year’s Eve party will always be filled with fun and good times. Our NYE Concierge crew popped down to the Terminus during the week to check out the venue and to get some great insights into this awesome hotel. Our team were right on it and with the first hand dealt we knew we had a strong suit: Cocktail Jugs!.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on The Terminus Hotel.

The Glenelg Pier Hotel

Glenelg has long been held as Adelaide’s beach holiday location. The very relaxed nature of Glenelg as a beach city is captured as one looks west to the Gulf St Vincent ocean off South Australia. It is a gorgeous active area with many cafes and restaurants and a focus on recreation and the outdoor. For those visitors wanting racing recreation, the Morphettville racecourse is also close by.  For NYE, the Glenelg Pier Hotel New Year’s Eve party is a popular choice!

Check out the NYE concierge tips on The Glenelg Pier Hotel.

Melbourne Central Lion Hotel

The massive shot tower we passed in the Melbourne Central is a sight to see. There is a buzz in this place as we are greeted by friendly staff and comfortable leather couches. The venue gives off that sort of the “Cheers” feel with a modern twist where everyone knows someone and you are instantly welcomed into the fold.

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Campari House

If you are looking to NYE party in Melbourne then certainly check what the Campari House New Year’s Eve party has to offer. Come in off Hardware Lane to this Italian inspired venue with decor and vibe to suit. When we were there the Campari Vesper was parked right out front. It felt like we were on the streets of Italy. Pinch oneself! Yes we are in Melbourne with Bourke Street nearby!

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Watermark Docklands

Our NYE crew have partied long and hard at the Watermark New Year’s Eve party over a few years. The venue is a sensational location on the Docklands promenade boardwalk. It’s inside and outside and also has intimate upstairs section (usually VIP). This party normally sells out so make sure you get in early.

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Prahran Hotel

A gorgeous Summer afternoon in Melbourne and some of the NYE Concierge team arrived unannounced at the very funky Prahran Hotel on High St. The team were welcomed upon entry and shown to a booth in the window. A gorgeous barrel shaped booth well thought thru with modern design.

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Meat Market

The NYE Team got along to an afternoon at Meat Market down riverside at South Wharf. A terrific Melbourne restaurant that spoils it’s customers with such a fantastic array of delectable meats.  As the name says, meat is the main fair on this restaurants menu. The Meat Market New Years Eve offering was high on our agenda.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on Meat Market.


Arbory NYE tips During the week some of the NYE crew visited Arbory down by the Yarra. Tucked down between the north bank of Melbourne’s Yarra River and Flinders Street Station is the gorgeous tree canopy covered Arbory restaurant and bar.  It also has a floating section on the Yarra River called Arbory Afloat.  We … Continue reading Arbory

Check out the NYE concierge tips on Arbory.

Little Red Pocket

Our NYE Concierge popped along to Little Red Pocket to preview what might be in store for the exciting Little Red Pocket New Year’s Eve. The crew arrived around 9.30pm and the atmosphere was already pumping. Everyone was having a great time. The girls tried the “Lychee Long Time” Cocktail which was delicious and the boys had a jug of “Green Dragon”. They didn’t stop talking about how great it tasted. Awesome crowd in as we got started and ordered for some food from the menu.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on Little Red Pocket.

Harbour Kitchen

The Harbour Kitchen New Year’s Eve experience has a history of fun and great atmosphere. With the venue being inside and outside it just provides so much for variation. You can be dancing inside and then enjoy time outside in the Summer weather. Another strong aspect of this venue is the outside function room.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on Harbour Kitchen.

H2o Docklands

NYE H2oh Harbourside is an institution in the Melbourne New Years scene. We have seen this event blossom over many years and we continually get favourable reviews from punters that attend. Now H2oh has been running this NYE event for quite a few years. Extraordinaire promoter Joe likes to look forward to the next big thing so I’m not sure if he counts how many years but it is getting up there. And why not? People love his NYE dance parties.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on H2o Docklands.

Miss Fitzy’s

Miss Fitzy’s New Year’s Eve will be filled with glamour and gorgeous surprises. A marvelous venue that has inside and outside options. The outside brings in the Summer breeze and gorgeous views of the beach areas. And inside Miss Fitzy’s you will find that old world charm and sophistication. Service and quality food and beverages are key success factors for this venue and fun times abound for those willing to indulge! Immerse yourself this NYE in the Miss Fitzy’s fun and smiles will abound!

Check out the NYE concierge tips on Miss Fitzy’s.

Plus 5

The NYE Team got along to an evening at Plus 5 down riverside at South Wharf. The venue has 2 entries. One right on the wharf area next to the Yarra River and the other closer to the retail area. There are a few restaurants in this area and we found it was easy to miss if in a hurry walking past. But the team was so glad they did not miss it. The staff met us at the door and invited us in. The NYE team initially sat in a comfy leather lounge for some initial drinks and then moved outside to the riverside for some share plates of food.

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European Bier Cafe

The European Bier Cafe has been running successful and popular NYE functions since we can recall. The fun European Bier Cafe New Year’s Eve party events are normally themed. And history will show that this NYE party is generally very well priced. The events are normally fully inclusive packages, but please check on the latest NYE offering.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on European Bier Cafe.

Bohemian Bar & Restaurant

The Bohemian is situated on the south side of the Yarra at South Wharf in Melbourne’s Southbank area. The NYE Team visited for some dining and drinks to see what was on the menu coming up to New Year’s Eve. The team were welcomed by the host and shown to a table. The first impression is that this is a Spanish theme restaurant and has a food menu inspired as such. It’s actually in a great location that is busy and bordered by many other restaurants which makes for a very lively atmosphere.

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World Carnivale

The World Carnivale NYE lifts off this 31st December. So many fantastic South Wharf venues have been banded together on NYE to create one sensational New Year’s Party Precinct under the umbrella of a New Years Carnivale. And it looks like it will be a true Carnivale atmosphere.

Check out the NYE concierge tips on World Carnivale.

Bang Pop

The NYE Team visited the Melbourne restaurant Bang Pop, down by the Yarra River in the Melbourne precinct known as South Wharf.  It’s a very active area with boardwalks along the Yarra and then many shops, hotels, eateries and bars and the Melbourne Exhibition centre.

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