New Year’s Eve in Perth can be a very special time of year with lots of summery event options awaiting.  For Perth the New Years period is a feast of celebration options.  On New Year’s Eve there are many and varied events and restaurants celebrating the passing year and on New Years Day it is Perth Cup Day so the whole town celebrates again.

On New Year’s Eve Perth comes alive with fireworks put on by the City.  These reach down to the Swan River so everywhere can be included in the celebrations.  The weather in Perth in summer month of December is normally very warm.  Hence events have the summer loving feeling.  A great start to the concoction that  makes for the best New Year’s Eve experience.  Add to that some marvelous Perth venues and an awesome energetic, even youthful vibe and you have the ingredients for a special NYE!

If you are going to party hard then it might be a good idea to arrange hotel accommodation for the 31st December as transport can be difficult around Perth after a big party on NYE.

Cost of party events in Perth for NYE varies but in general we have seen prices from free entry, then next stage being around the $80 thru to $200 for events that have includes.  With the medium being around $135.  When looking for great value, consider if the NYE event packages are all inclusive of food and drinks.  And if arranging a large group, ask if they have a group NYE discount.

For a restaurant NYE’s in Perth expect to pay $140 to $200 for a sit down set menu.  Some restaurants welcome families and children and some are more adult oriented for a late night.  So be sure to ask.

Checkout some of the great options below.